Tubeless Sealant Quick Start Guide

  1. Check/Install the rim tape – Look for any tape coming up at the sides, wear, etc that might mean there could be a leak.  If you see any issues we recommend replacing the rim tape with a Tensilized Polypropeline tape.  Tesa tape on Amazon is a great place to start and if you need help with that we have a guide on replacing your rim tape here.
  2. Mount One Side of the Tire – Line up the tire brand logo with the valve hole and mount one side to the tire.  Lining up the logo will help in finding punctures in the tire should that happen down the road. 
  3. Mount 80% of the second bead – Starting opposite the valve, work the second bead onto the rim with your hands leaving about 20% of the second bead open towards the valve.

  4. Center the mounted portion of the tire – Move the beads of the tire opposite the valve into the center channel of the rim.  This step is extremely important as it makes finishing mounting the tire significantly easier.  By putting both beads in the center of the rim you are effectively making the diameter of the rim smaller which is why mounting the tire gets easier.
  5. Pour in sealant – Add the recommended amount of sealant for your tire size by carefully pouring into the open tire.
  6. Rotate the Wheel – Slowly rotate the wheel so the sealant can rotate to the fully mounted side of the tire.  Be careful to do this slowly to ensure you don’t spill any of the sealant.
  7. Finish Mounting the Tire – do not use tire levers in this step as it can damage and scratch rims.  If you have followed the tip to mount the tire in the center of the rim you should be able to get the tire very close to completely mounted without spilling any sealant.  A good tip is to use the heel of your hands to get the last bit of tire mounted on the rim. 
  8. Inflate the tire – Some set ups will mount up with a simple floor pump.  Other great options are to use a dedicated tubeless canister or a compressor.  With a compressor, you can turn the valve to the 12 O’Clock Position and inflate the tire being careful not to overinflate causing a blow off.  You will hear lots of popping as the bead snaps into place.  Once you get the bead seated, you can spin the wheel to spread sealant evenly and inflate to your desired pressure with a floor pump.
  9. A tip on seating tires, if you remove the valve core it will allow a higher volume of air to get into the tire and get the beads seated.  Once that happens, reinstall the valve core and inflate to your desired pressure.
  10. Go Ride  - If you are having issues with leaking or set up, check out our tubeless issue troubleshooting article.